Judicial Evaluations and Candidate Endorsements

Throughout the year, THLA endorses various candidates for judicial election, judicial appointment, and election to other offices, including but not limited to the San Diego County Bar Association Board of Directors, San Diego County District Attorney, and San Diego City Attorney.

THLA makes its endorsement decisions based on a variety of factors, including the candidate’s involvement in and support of the LGBT community, both current and historical; the candidate’s position on LGBT-related issues including same-sex marriage and discrimination based on sexual orientation; and the candidate’s social or community work to help groups that are disadvantaged or suffer from discrimination.

Candidates seeking endorsement should submit candidate materials (resume or curriculum vitae, candidate statement, or any other materials that might be helpful to the Board) to the Co-Presidents of the Board, who will then forward the materials to THLA’s Endorsements Committee. In addition, candidates should also try to attend an Endorsements Committee meeting or, if requested, a Board meeting so that the candidate can make a short presentation and field any questions the Endorsements Committee or Board may have.

A THLA endorsement applies only to the particular candidate and for the particular election and office that the candidate seeks. Candidates who received prior endorsements from THLA should re-submit materials if they are seeking a new endorsement.

More information can be found in THLA’s Standing Rules, Policies, and Procedures under the “THLA Documents” tab.