At its annual dinner each year, THLA presents several awards to members of the community for their involvement, dedication, and service to the LGBT community and THLA.  Congratulations to all who have been recognized for their service.

 Year Award Recipient(s)
2018 Community Pioneer Award Prof. Scott Ehrlich
Service to the Community Award OutServe-SLDN
Co-Presidents’ Award Kyle W. Nageotte, Esq.
2017 Community Pioneer Award Prof. Barbara Cox
Friend of the Community Award Patricia Hollenbeck, Esq.
Friend of the Organization Award Ellen Miller-Sharp
2016 Lifetime Achievement Award Bridget Wilson, Esq.
Friend of the Community Hon. Tamila E. Ipema
Co-Presidents’ Award Loren G. Freestone
2015 Lifetime Achievement Award Eric Julber
Friend of the Community Steven Smith
Community Pioneer Robert DeKoven
Community Pioneer Doug Case
Service to the Organization Michael Growe
Community Leader Fernando Lopez
Co-Presidents’ Award Nicholas Fox
2014 Friend of the Community Judge Joan Lewis
Community Pioneer Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins
Service to the Community Council President Todd Gloria
Service to the Community Charles McKain
Co-Presidents’ Award Denise M. Visconti
2013 Friend of the Community Judge David J. Danielsen
Outstanding Service to the Community Linda Cory Allen
Community Pioneer Supervisor David W. Roberts
Co-Presidents’ Award Michael S. Manley
2012 Outstanding Service to the Organization Delores Jacobs
Friend of the Community Amy Fitzpatrick
Outstanding Service to the Community Mary Stockton
Community Pioneer Bonnie Dumanis
Co-Presidents’ Award Anita Margolis
2011 Friend of the Community Jennifer Kearns
Outstanding Service to the Community Judge David M. Rubin
Community Pioneer Laura Duffy
Outstanding Service to the Organization Gregg St. Cyr
Co-Presidents’ Award Thomas Bunton
2010 Friend of the Community Mayor Jerry Sanders
Outstanding Service to the Community Robert Gleason
Community Pioneer Comm. Sandra L. Berry (Ret.)
Co-Presidents’ Award Tamara Keller
Co-Presidents’ Award Jonathan Schneeweiss
2009 Co-Presidents’ Award Dr. Michael Keller
Co-Presidents’ Award Daniel Veale
2008 Friend of the Community Susan P. Schutz
Distinguished Achievement Anita Margolis
Distinguished Achievement Alexis Bastedo
Co-Presidents’ Award Lilys McCoy
2007 Friend of the Community Comm. Cindy Davis
Co-Presidents’ Award Ted Roberts
2006 Friend of the Community Julie A. Greenberg
Outstanding Organization Servicemembers Legal Defense Network
Co-Presidents’ Award Randy Clark
Co-Presidents’ Award Bridget Wilson
2005 Friend of the Community Rev. David Norgard
Outstanding Organization Family Matters
Co-Presidents’ Award Andrea Kimball
2004 Friend of the Community Council Member Donna Frye
Outstanding Service Judge Ted Weathers
Outstanding Organization Lambda Legal
Co-Presidents’ Award Members of the Boy Scouts Trial Team:Watson G. BranchJordan C. Budd

Elvira Cacciavillani

Mark W. Danis

Shannon O’Shaughnessy

Katherine L. Parker

M.E. Stephens

M. Andrew Woodmansee

2003 Friend of the Community Wendy Patrick
Legislator of the Year Christine Kehoe (Cal. Assembly)
Outstanding Service James Pontes
Co-Presidents’ Award Delores Jacobs
Co-Presidents’ Award Pride Law at USD
Co-Presidents’ Award Pride Law at TJSL
Co-Presidents’ Award Out Law at CWSL
2002 Friend of the Community San Diego Volunteer Lawyers Program
Outstanding Service Gay & Lesbians for Programming Excellence
Outstanding Service KPBS Television
Co-Presidents’ Award Charles A. Bird
Co-Presidents’ Award Carole Migden
2001 Friend of the Community American Civil Liberties Union
Friend of the Community Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Outstanding Service Paula S. Rosenstein
Outstanding Service Kurt Hermansen
Outstanding Service Sherry Wright
Co-Presidents’ Award Council Member Toni Atkins
Co-Presidents’ Award Robert Gerber
2000 Friend of the Community Robert H. Lynn
Friend of the Community Darin Wessel
Co-Presidents’ Award Brenda Tuohy
Co-Presidents’ Award Tom Felkner
Co-Presidents’ Award Bon Lehman
1999 Friend of the Community Doc Anthony Andersen II
Friend of the Community California Western School of Law
Service to the Community Rebecca P. Jones
Service to the Organization Gregory L. Choate
Co-Presidents’ Award David M. Rubin
Co-Presidents’ Award David Watson
1998 Friend of the Community Madeline Clogston
Friend of the Community Ruben Arizmendi
Service to the Community Greater San Diego Business Association
Co-Presidents’ Award Todd F. Stevens
Co-Presidents’ Award Comm. Sandra L. Barry
1997 Dedication to Equality City of San Diego
Dedication to Equality Qualcomm, Inc.
Dedication to Equality Agouron Pharmaceuticals
Co-Presidents’ Award Barbara Cox
1996 Co-Presidents’ Award Nanci Clarence
1995 Co-Presidents’ Award Irene Cockcroft
Co-Presidents’ Award George Haverstrick
Special Recognition Judge David Danielsen