Committee Name:                 Annual Dinner

Committee Chair:                 Ted Holmquist

The scope and purpose of the Annual Dinner Committee is to plan and prepare for, and oversee the program for, THLA’s Annual Dinner. The Annual Dinner Committee will meet as needed to plan and prepare for THLA’s Annual Dinner.  The Annual Dinner Committee should meet early in the Fall of each year to begin planning for sponsorship outreach and keynote speaker solicitations and should meet regularly after that to ensure satisfactory progress with Annual Dinner planning and preparation, including more frequent meetings as the Annual Dinner approaches.  The Annual Dinner Committee should coordinate its efforts with THLA and the THLA Foundation, with assistance from THLA and the THLA Foundation as needed to affect the goals and planning of the Annual Dinner.  The Annual Dinner Committee shall also be responsible for overseeing outreach to potential sponsors, keynote speaker solicitation, negotiating and contracting with venues for the Annual Dinner and after party, coordinating social media and THLA correspondence regarding the Annual Dinner, and all other tasks related to the Annual Dinner.

Committee Name:                 Elections

Committee Chair:                 Shawn Huston

The scope and purpose of the Election Committee is to promulgate rules, regulations, and procedures for THLA elections, including the annual election of the Board of Directors; to implement and interpret these rules, regulations, and procedures; to oversee the elections process; and to resolve any disputes related to the election rules, regulations, procedures, election results, validity of ballots, and the qualifications of THLA members casting votes. Election Committee members will attend meetings as needed prior to any THLA election in order to review and revise the election rules, regulations, and procedures, as well as plan and coordinate the election dates and process.

Committee Name:                 Endorsements

Committee Chair:                 Leonard Trinh

The scope and purpose of the Endorsements Committee is to coordinate the candidate endorsement and nomination process for THLA for those individuals who are seeking appointment, election, nomination, or other endorsement from THLA. The Endorsements Committee will meet as needed to address pending endorsement or nomination requests.  The Endorsements Committee shall review an applicant’s written submissions and other materials provided by the applicant.

Committee Name:                 Events

Committee Chair:                 Kirk Yake

The scope and purpose of the Events Committee is to organize social and networking activities that provide THLA members an opportunity to interact with each other, the bench, other bar associations, community organizations, and generally with other members of the bar and community. The Events Committee will hold meetings as needed throughout the year to plan social and networking events.  The Events Committee should actively solicit co-sponsorship or other inter-association networking events for THLA members, as well as coordinate events specifically for THLA members.  The Events Committee will coordinate, at a minimum, the Summer / Fall BBQ, the student-attorney mixer, and the annual holiday party.  The Events Committee will also solicit input from the Board and General Members as to other events to hold throughout the year.

Committee Name:                 Finance and Budget Committee

Committee Chair:                 Ariel Javier

The Chief Financial Officer shall maintain a secure access web portal or other document storage mechanism (including cloud-based storage) so that Board Members can regularly access and view THLA’s financial information, including banking statements and reimbursement requests.

Committee Name:                 CLE and Community Service committee

Committee Chair:                 Ariel Javier

The scope and purpose of the CLE and Community Service Committee is to provide learning and service opportunities for THLA members, including seminars and continuing legal education programs, as well as other programming and community service activities. The CLE and Community Service Committee will meet as needed to develop ideas for professional, educational, and service-oriented events, and to coordinate those events.  The CLE and Community Service Committee should actively solicit feedback from the Board, THLA General Members, and outside organizations for potential programming events.  The CLE and Community Service Committee should also actively solicit co-sponsorship from other bar associations and organizations for THLA programming, and should reach out to other organizations for potential sponsorship by THLA of the other organizations’ events when, in its discretion, it determines such co-sponsorship will further the purposes of the Committee or enhance membership value.   The CLE and Community Service Committee should try to host at least three (3) THLA programming events per year, and co-sponsor at least three (3) programming events of other organizations.  In order to further this goal, the Committee shall be responsible for and make all reasonable efforts to cause THLA to become and maintain the status of a multiple activity provider (as defined by the State Bar of California) of continuing legal education credit.

Committee Name:                 Public Relations

Committee Chair:                 Ashley Fasano

The Public Relations Committee shall assist the Board to increase the profile and awareness of THLA and to promote THLA’s mission, events, and programs to THLA members or potential members, donors or potential donors, and the public generally. Committee members should be willing and able to cultivate THLA’s external profile, including, without limitation, by utilizing social media, the THLA website and its e-mail listserv, and be willing to leverage off media and corporate contacts where appropriate.  The Public Relations Committee shall undertake the following responsibilities which are set forth as a guide.  The Public Relations Committee is authorized to carry out these activities and other actions reasonably related to the Committee’s purpose or assigned by the Board from time to time.

Committee Name:                 Membership

Committee Chair:                 Alicia Aquino

The scope and purpose of the Membership Committee is to encourage and expand general paid membership in THLA, including promoting membership at THLA networking, social, and other events, and manage THLA membership. The Membership Committee will meet as needed to develop ideas for increasing and sustaining membership in THLA.  The Membership Committee will hold at least one membership drive in January of each year and may hold a membership drive during the summer each year.  The Membership Committee should actively solicit feedback from the Board and THLA General Members regarding membership in THLA, membership dues, and membership benefits.  The Membership Committee should also work with the Events Committee to plan events correlating to the membership drive(s).  The Membership Committee, along with the Board, should actively promote THLA membership at various THLA events.  The Membership Committee will also manage THLA’s membership, in that the Committee will periodically evaluate and revise membership dues and benefits, subject to Board approval.